Eyeglass Lenses    

When it comes to glasses, great vision requires having the right lenses for the specific lifestyle needs of the wearer. That’s why we make it a point to be experts regarding the latest advances in lens technology. Whether you need glasses for a particular work condition, driving, computers, reading, athletic endeavors, golf, fishing, hunting, or other hobbies, we have the knowledge and experience to provide lenses and lens treatments developed specifically for the activities of your life.


Here are some of the lens options we offer:

Thin and Lightweight
Impact Resistant / Polycarbonate
High Index Plastic
Progressive (no-line mutifocal / bifocal)
Transitions (photo chromatic)
Aspheric Lenses
Computer Lenses
Sports Performance Lenses
Special Occupational Lenses
Scratch Resistance
Ultraviolet (UV) Protection
Tints & Mirrored Colors


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