Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams are Important in La Porte, TX

Regular eye exams are important regardless of your age or physical health.

During your exam at Frazier Eye Center in La Porte, your eye doctor will determine your prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses, and will check your eyes for various eye diseases. Your doctor will also assess how your eyes work together in tandem and assess your eyes as an indicator of your general health.

During your comprehensive eye exam at our office in La Porte, your eye doctor will conduct various tests and procedures to evaluate your eye health and the quality of your vision. These tests may be simple, like having you read an eye chart, or complex, such as examining the tissues inside your eyes using a high-powered lens.

According to eyecare experts, depending on your age, risk factors, and physical condition, you should have a complete eye exam every one to three years.


Approximately 25% of school-aged children and 5% to 10% of pre-schoolers and have vision problems, according to some experts. The American Optometric Association (AOA), states that all children should have their eyes checked at 6 months of age, at age 3 and before they start school. Once children start school, they should have their eyes checked whether they have vision problems, or have risk factors for vision problems, at least every two years throughout their childhood.

When children have existing vision problems or risk factors, they should have their eyes examined by an eye doctor atoptometrist’s instructions. Read more about Pediatric Eye Exams.


Every adult who wears eyeglasses or contact lenses should have an annual eye exam, according to the AOA. Even if you don’t wear eyeglasses or contacts, you should have an eye exam every two to three years up to the age of 40, depending on your rate of visual change and overall health. For adults who have diabetes, high blood pressure and other disorders, doctors recommend more frequent exams, because many diseases can have an impact on vision and eye health.

It’s a good idea to have your eyes examined at our office in La Porte every one to two years to check for common age-related eye problems if you are over 40. Common problems which an examination will diagnose include presbyopia, cataracts and macular degeneration. Read more about Vision After 40.

Everyone over the age of 60 should be examined annually, because the risk of eye disease continues to increase as age advances. Read more about Vision After 60.

Learn What To Expect at a Comprehensive Eye Exam:

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